Documentary, USA, 73 minutes, 2016


„A well made, beautifully shot film, that provides deep insights“


US-Mexican borderlands, Arizona. The former Wild West State doesn’t make it easy for its inhabitants to accept the border situation. Living in Southern Arizona means daily encounters with the U.S. border patrol and to live with the fence, that already covers 670 miles of the Southern border. Its a life between drones, checkpoints and surveillance towers, designed to detect terrorists and weapons of mass destruction.
There is a division between those, calling for more security, and those who demand compassion and support for the appr. 300 migrants, who lose their lives in the Sonoran desert each year, when trying to cross into the country.
Borderland Blues offers a glimpse into the complex reality of this frontier region and follows a kaleidoscope of characters, who live and work close to the border.

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12. Zurich Film Festival 2016, world premiere in competition
50. Int. Hofer Filmtage 2016, german premiere
33. Kasseler Dokfest 2016
08. This Human world 2016
10. Nonfiktionale 2017
dokka Dokumentarfestival Karlsruhe 2017

REVIEWS (english)

Screen Daily, 28.09.2016


DIRECTED BY: Gudrun Gruber

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Bernd Effenberger

EDITING: Gaby Kull-Neujahr, Gudrun Gruber

MUSIC: Dominik Giesriegl

PRODUCTION: Gudrun Gruber, HFF München